Recommended music: The Essential Hilary Hahn


I recently checked this out from the library, and love it!  Hahn is a young violinist whose career already warrants this “greatest hits” CD.  Not only is her playing spot-on perfect, but a fine set of works has been chosen for this collection.  From Beethoven and Bach to Shostakovich and Stravinsky, these works are surprisingly cohesive, yet diverse enough to form an interesting collage. 

Further, I was impressed by her lucid, passionate written comments about the music she plays, in another disc I checked out.  Spurred by that, I went to her website, where I found a fantastic playground of music-related writing by Miss Hahn.  Read, among other things, “What To Do With Your Instrument When You’re Bored”–

I also noticed her website revolves around her music, not herself.  No spoiled ego, no incongruously vamp-y photo section here (unlike some other classical musicians that I know cough-cough-Charlotte-Church-cough). 

Finally, a Hilary I can like! :)  Borrow the CD, add her to your collection, and definitely check her out if she comes to your area. 

Recommended for listening to while:

  • gardening on a partly cloudy day
  • doing crossword puzzles in the bath tub
  • drawing dramatic landscapes
  • preparing simple meals for two or fewer
  • driving home from work, if you get off around dusk
  • posting sycophantic comments on obscure pseudo-intellectual blogs

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