How Did You End Up Here?

Maybe you got here from a link on another blog, or from a news site like City Journal, which recently featured a post of mine.  Maybe a link to this site was randomly generated by the good folks at WordPress at the end of another blog you read. 

Or maybe it came up as a result from a search engine.  My administrative page tells me all kinds of weird stuff, like which search terms people have used to get here.  Most are understandable, like people searching for my name, or a title of something I’ve reviewed, or a subject that I harp on a lot.  But some…well, some are quite odd.  Here are six of my favorites so far:

  • how r tv shows dumbing us down?

Well, for starters, they might be making us use silly abbreviations in our typing

  • astrozoology

An early post had this as part of a nonsense word.  Whoever was seriously looking for information on, perhaps, alien animal habitats, was probably disappointed

  • simpsons damocles quote

Proof that search engines don’t always give useful results.  I used Damocles as a metaphor for teaching once, and my banner includes Simpsons quotes.  I don’t remember there ever being a reference to that story on the show, but it is used in those Series of Unfortunate Events books.  Those are surprisingly full of literary allusions. 

  • avoiding cognitive dissonance with a fri

I assume this one was cut off.  What was this individual trying to avoid cognitive dissonance with?  A friend?  A fringe element of French neo-surrealist architecture?  A frilly pink hat?  I suppose I’ll never know for sure.  At any rate, I hope something here helped.

  • does not dionysius seem to have made it

Uh, sure.  I guess he has.  Good for him.  This was a very common name in the ancient Graeco-Roman world, so precisely which Dionysius this visitor was cheering for remains obscure.  Could it have been Dionysius the Elder, ruler of Syracuse?  If so, then yes, we could well say that he had “made it.”  However, if it is meant to refer to Dionysius the Philosopher, a Greek monk who led a revolt against the Ottoman Turks in 1611, but who was captured and flayed alive, then no, one would most likely not be justified in saying that he had “made it.”

And my personal favorite:

  • monster slurpee green bowel movement

Whoever came snooping around here with this in mind most definitely came away disappointed.  Our prayers are with him, however, for a speedy recovery.


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