Stolen Election Signs

Number of times John McCain for President signs have been stolen from my yard in the last month: two.  “McCain/Palin” and “Another Family For McCain” were the victims.  The third and current sign (simply “McCain”) is as yet unmolested.


UPDATE 10/24:  My third sign was stolen today.  I came home from work to find it missing.  I have one more I can put out…better keep it further away from the sidewalk this time!

3 comments on “Stolen Election Signs

  1. An occupational hazard of posting signs. In our neighborhood, which leans strongly to McCain, Obama signs are the ones that often end up ‘missing’.

  2. That’s funny, I was going to post that I doubted that many Obama/Biden signs would go missing. Those wiley McCain/Palin supporters are feistier than I thought!!!

    My parents in law are struggling with the same thing on Prop. 8 signs in California. They’ve had one stolen, and shooed away sign grabbers in a couple other instances.

    This pheonomenon is the most ridiculous passive aggressive thing I have ever seen. Is someone’s vote really going to change? “You know, by walking by and looking at that McCain/Palin sign everyday, I was really starting to lean towards them, but now I notice that it’s gone. Suddenly, Obama sounds great!”

    Three words.




    Incidentally, someone planted a Bush/Cheney sign in my front yard last election without my consent. Where are the sign planters now???

  3. NPR reported that a pizza parlor was giving free pizzas to people who brought in a McCain yard sign. The police asked them to stop the promotion since it had lead to an increase in sign thefts.

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