Teen Tech Truth

As I’ve watched more and more people, especially young people, over the last several years have an increasing array of gadgets and devices on their persons in public, an image has been itching at the back of my mind, but I’ve been unable to clarify it.  It just hit me. 

That constant dependence on being plugged into electronic accessories, often with wires and cables functioning as high-tech veins, almost like they’ve become life-sustaining organs (if you think that’s exaggerating, you’ve never tried to separate a teenager from his iPod), proves that the nightmares of science fiction have turned into reality. 

No, it’s not The Matrix, though that’s an excellent analogy.  (When I tell kids in class to turn off their iPod or cell phone and “take the red pill,” they rarely get what the figure of speech implies…even after I explain it.) 

Consider these pictures of typical American children:



















Now, compare those to this:








Can you see a substantial difference?  Neither can I.

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