Highly Recommended: Dr. Heideman As Your Dentist

I like going to the dentist in general, probably for the same nerdy reasons Ken Jennings talked about regarding a love of taking standardized tests: there’s a cleanliness and an order, a military maturity, a paternalistic calmness, and a feeling that you’re doing something worthy and almost ritualistic, in both.  But Dr. Heideman takes this pleasure to a whole new level.

First, his office is unbelievably posh.  You walk in and think you’re about to meet with the president of the bank to negotiate the closing of some million dollar property.  And I’ve seen plenty of wonderful people working in offices before, but Dr. Heideman’s staff is almost dizzyingly kind; you can’t escape the impression that they genuinely enjoy working here and being with you.  Wow.

Oh, and also, he’s a great dentist.  This guy uses the most incredible, state of the art equipment and methods of cleaning and caring for your teeth I’ve ever seen; this must be what George Jetson dreamed of seeing at the dentist’s office.  I always look forward to that clean, fresh feeling in my mouth after leaving the dentist, but even the best, most hygenically pure cleaning I’d ever gotten before today now feels like gargling with muddy medical waste by comparison.  Muddy medical waste from Mexico.  Can it be that this is a doctor who is actually committed to the health and satisfaction of each individual customer?  If this isn’t the real deal, I can’t imagine what the real thing could possibly do to look better.

Here’s the website for his practice.  Please, check it out, then check the provider list for your insurance and go see him.  And tell him I sent you–I’ll get a credit to my account if you do. 

But I don’t live in Las Vegas, you say.  Quit whining, I say.  Move here.  Move here and go see Dr. Heideman.  Totally worth it.


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