Computer Game Classics

Though I do rail on the juvenile obsession with electronic entertainment in our society, I won’t deny that many video games are just pure, clean fun, especially the older games that I remember from my childhood.  The miracle that is YouTube now allows us all instant trips down hyper-nostalgia lane. 

1987 gave us Skate or Die, an early title by Electronic Arts.  The main screen treats us to a flat-out awesome little synthesizer track that’s impressive not only as a stunning achievement considering the very limited range of sounds possible with technology 21 years ago, but even two decades later stand up as a really entertaining techno melody:

Another 80’s Commodore favorite was Beyond the Forbidden Forest, but I don’t know what Mom and Dad were thinking when they bought this.  Three things scared me so bad when I was a kid that I had trouble sleeping: Whitley Strieber’s Communion, the end of Superman III, and this game. 

First, check out the opening titles, a great example of how simple, non-gory visuals can create a terrific atmosphere for chills:

The expert gameplay there doesn’t give the flavor of this game’s incredibly scary parts, though.  When your character dies, does he just fall over or disappear?  Heavens, no.  Try this little example of a death scene, where a monster scorpion’s stinger goes crazy on your corpse:

On second thought, maybe it’s for the best that I forgot about these games for twenty years…


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