Gay Marriage “Twilight” Protest?

Just wondering: since a lot of people have decided, in light of the LDS Church’s advocacy on behalf of California’s Proposition 8, to boyott anything even remotely Mormon (including the Sundance Film Festival, because it’s held in Mormon-heavy Utah), will proponents of gay marriage also boycott the new movie Twilight?  The Twilight books were written by Stephenie Meyer, a BYU graduate and active Mormon. 

This could cause something of a conflict of interest for the pro-gay marriage crowd out there, especially if any of them happen to be melodramatic 12-year-old girls.

3 comments on “Gay Marriage “Twilight” Protest?

  1. The Mormon Church has a much bigger problem to worry about that will be much more far reaching over the long term.

    Some churches are getting less and careful about maintaining their non-profit status, especially when encouraging far reaching voting protocol.

    There has been some question LDS Church should be under investigation for being a political profit organization by designating use of funds to communicate its national constituency how to vote in out of boundary states. This by definition make makes it a for profit political lobbying group. Because of the the church gave directive directives and potential directed funding it would disqualify from the church as a tax exempt status.


  2. C’mon, Huston, how can you resist taking your red pencil to comment #1 and grading the gentleman on his writing skills? C-? D+?

    The pro-gay marriage crowd will only boycott “Twilight” if there are TV cameras for them to play to.

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