Fun With Nature Documentaries

Satirical social commentary, theological inspiration, political analysis, and artistic appreciation are all fine and good, and I’ll get back to that right quick, but for today…

A little while ago I found myself wanting to bond with my 9-year-old boy by having some goofy fun.  Solution: cool clips of nature documentaries courtesy of YouTube.  Specifically, shots of animal combat in the wild. 

Note that these are not staged fights; there’s no Michael Vick stuff going on here.  Here are two examples of some of our favorite videos that we found.  The first is from National Geographic’s YouTube channel, and the second is from Discovery Channel.  The clips aren’t at all bloody, but they’re plenty exciting.  Still, if you’re a wee bit squeamish about such juvenile titillation, I might suggest you skip this one and wait for tomorrow’s post on apologetic soteriology or something. 

Octopus Vs. Shark

Centipede Vs. Tarantula

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