Burrito Problem

I thought it would be terrific fun to get a big bean burrito and load it up with hot sauce on my way to work this morning, figuring that that would warm me up from the cold.

Today I learned that I’m too old to eat spicy food early in the morning anymore.  It’s going to be a long day.

2 comments on “Burrito Problem

  1. After years of living with an iron constitution (which served me well on my mission to Romania), I began to get occasional heartburn when I hit 34. I still love and consume spicy food, but yeah, don’t think I could do a burrito loaded up with hot sauce for breakfast.

  2. The best part about this post? The “automatically generated possibly related post” that your blog produced with regards to this story? “The Five Worst Problems In America”…

    Personally, Jamie eating a spicy burrito in the morning is probably the single worst problem we have in America, in my opinion. At least if you are at the same work site.

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