Disciples Of Jesus Christ Are Ministers

My last post reminded me of some notes I took once on an important lesson in the Book of Mormon; one of its primary themes, really.  Since my last post mentioned our obligation to “minister” to each other, I thought a more specific definition might be in order.  So, according to the Book of Mormon:


Disciples of Jesus Christ are ministers—3 Nephi 26:19


TO WHOM—“every people” and “every soul”–Alma 29:1-2

          “all men”–2 Nephi 26:27-28


WHERE and WHEN–“at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in”–Mosiah 18:9


WHY—responsibility—Jacob 1:19

          desire for the welfare of others—Jacob 2:3

          gratitude for salvation–Mosiah 27:29-33

          desire to share gifts with others—Alma 36:24


HOW—1 Nephi 15:25—exhort with energy to keep the commandments

          2 Nephi 33:3—pray for them daily

          Jarom 1:10-12—warn, teach, persuade, stir up to repent

          Mosiah 26:38-39—be obedient, teach, admonish each other

          Mosiah 27:33—console people, confirm faith

          Alma 4:19—stir up remembrance of duty, pull down pride, bear testimony

          Alma 48:19-20—serve, preach from scriptures, perform ordinances

          3 Nephi 6:20—teach and testify of the Atonement

          3 Nephi 18:16-21,25—pray for others; invite all to come in

          3 Nephi 23:14—teach doctrine from scriptures

          Moroni 6:4—fellowship, nourish, keep watchful


3 comments on “Disciples Of Jesus Christ Are Ministers

  1. Wow! That’s incredibly flattering coming from the author of the Zion series, which was unfortunately less popular than it deserved to be. The Long Road to Sanctification is one of my favorite church-related books, and I would strongly encourage anybody to track down a copy. I also loved Praise to the Man. Elder Christofferson’s talk in the last General Conference reminded me of your work, as I’m sure it did for many, many people. Thank you, Bro. Barkdull!

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