Ten Things I’ve Learned From Watching 24

  • At any given time, every law enforcement organization in America has exactly one high ranking mole who is currently cooperating with terrorists.
  • All of our law enforcement agencies are being run by very, very attractive people.
  • Except for the computer experts, who are all lovable misfits with endearing anti-social quirks.
  • America goes through presidents like toilet paper.
  • Law enforcement personnel are able at any time to reach the president, who is always willing to take their cell phone calls in the Oval Office.
  • Catastrophic tragedies–such as nuclear bombs going off on American soil–will always be forgotten within a year.
  • Important deadlines always come up at the top of the hour. 
  • Bad guys can’t shoot worth crap. (Actually, I already knew that one from every other action show.)
  • It’s possible to run on adrenaline for 24 straight hours without ever needing to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom.
  • And of course, every complex plot against America can be effectively thwarted by one man in exactly 24 hours.

3 comments on “Ten Things I’ve Learned From Watching 24

  1. I’m a little disappointed here. Shouldn’t it have been 24 Things I’ve Learned? Eating and going to the bathroom? Isn’t that what’s going on during the commercial breaks? You have 14 to go…

  2. And don’t forget that if you’re Jack Bauer, you can get from one end of Los Angeles to the other in under ten minutes. No such thing as traffic jams if you’re the hero.

    • Also, the person you think is guilty in the first few hours but then eliminate from suspicion and end up relying on (Nina, Tony)…really is guilty! Surprise!

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