Generation Gaps Illustrated

My post earlier about how today’s teenagers were all born in the 90’s reminded me of a similar story about getting older:

Last semester during a class discussion, a student used the phrase “old phone.”  I immediately pictured a rotary dial phone.  A second later, though, it became clear that she was referring to a mid-90’s model cell phone.

*Sigh*  I guess it could have been worse.  Had she mentioned an “old phone” to my dad, he likely would have imagined a handheld mouthpiece, an operator, and a party line.


2 comments on “Generation Gaps Illustrated

  1. My kids and I were reading a Hardy Boys novel and a line came up where a father had to stay home because he had some “phoning” to do. My kids thought it was hilarious — both the idea of having to stay home and the gerund “phoning”.

  2. How we “verb” words probably says a lot about us. We “partied” and now we’re into “blogging.” Our kids love “texting.”

    My goal in life is to regress so far into our grandparents’ time that my hobbies will be “stickballing” and “phonographing.”

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