The Jesus/Burrito Paradox

Over at By Common Consent, they run a regular feature where controversial questions are thrown out there and the community is asked to chime in.  Because nothing establishes sound doctrine like an online free-for-all. 

I figured if we’re going to indulge in some irreverent navel gazing, we might as well do it right.  In a 13th season episode of The Simpsons called “Weekend at Burnsies,” Homer puts the following theological query to Ned Flanders: “Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that even he couldn’t eat it?”

This question has been used in polls elsewhere, and most people tend to say no, as they claim that God has no corporeal body (alas, in sharp contradiction of Luke 24:39-43).  So, any LDS readers won’t have that convenient cop out. 

What say you?


6 comments on “The Jesus/Burrito Paradox

  1. Rameumpton, in response to your question, “Did I just find the perfect question to the perfect answer?” I say…”42.” :)

  2. Ah, but then we’re saying that there is a limit to how much heat an exalted body could withstand; a limit to omnipotence itself, as it were. Thus the paradox.

    More seriously, I’m inclined to say that the answer is, “Raise your family in the gospel, do your home teaching, and go to the temple.” In retrospect, I wish I would have made that an option on the poll.

  3. Ah, but the question is not if Jesus can himself create a burrito so hot he can’t eat it, it’s if he can call upon another power (the microwave emitter) to imbue the burrito with enough heat energy that he can’t eat it (assumedly without letting it cool, otherwise the question is moot). To use gaming terms, it all comes down to the Offense of the microwave (how hot it can get the burrito) versus the Defense of Jesus’s palate (how hot a burrito it can handle). Not counting making the burrito less hot, the only thing Jesus could do is to shield himself with his faith until the burrito cooled down, which would constitute not technically having eaten the burrito while it was still hot. For this reason, I say that Jesus could, in fact, microwave a burrito so hot he could not eat it (with stipulations to give the question at least a semblance of meaning).

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