Scripture Study With Young Children

0183031_productFor years, my wife and I have had regular Book of Mormon study with our older children, but as our younger children have grown, we’ve tried different ways to do scripture study just with them.  Last year, we finally struck upon a method that works very well.  Though they’re each a year older now, they were two and three when we started.

We base our study on the Church’s Old Testament Stories picture book (which can be ordered on the Distribution Center site here).  For the “chapter” we’ll do on a certain day, one of us starts by reading a couple of verses from the KJV that are related to the story, then the other parent “fleshes out” that introduction by reading the whole picture story with the kids.  We trade roles each day: I’ll read the actual scripture verses and she’ll read the story one day, the next day we switch.  During the reading and/or after, we try to point out the spiritual lesson in the story.

We close with a Primary song and prayer.  The whole process takes only about five minutes a day, and we’re finding that it’s a productive way to begin family scripture study with the very young.  After we finish Old Testament Stories, we’ll move on to New Testament Stories, then Book of Mormon Stories, etc.

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