Reviews Of Movies I Haven’t Seen

The International

Finally, finally Hollywood made a movie where an attractive young rebel risks everything to expose the corruption of an evil corporation!  It’s about time!

Revolutionary Road

Finally, finally Hollywood made a movie about a suburban family that’s emotionally unfulfilled!  It’s about time!


Finally, finally Hollywood made a movie where the gay character is the heroic role model!  It’s about time!


Finally, finally Hollywood made a movie that questions the integrity of organized religion!  It’s about time!


3 comments on “Reviews Of Movies I Haven’t Seen

  1. Finally, finally an Oscar acceptance speech by Sean Penn that put the majority of Californians on blast for protecting traditional marriage. We’ve been waiting for a long time for that one.

    As soon as he won, I looked over at Rochelle and said “Here we go…”

    Apparently, Milk’s screenwriter’s was even better, although I didn’t see it. He talked about the horrors of growing up Mormon…

  2. Finally, finally my buddy Steve posts a supportive, thoughtful, witty comment that outshines the original entry he’s commetning on!

    Seriously, I noticed that Revolutionary Road was directed by Sam Mendes, who also made American Beauty. So, what exactly happens here? Every decade or so he feels like getting an Oscar, so he dusts off the same plot?

  3. I think that’s about right, except the next 10 year cycle, it’s going to be about disaffected married couples living on the moon in lunar suburbs…

    Stupid, stupid Oscars.

    Here’s the real best picture…

    I think you’ll agree in advance, this was better than anything that won an academy award…

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