Petition To Draft Mitt Romney For Nevada Senate Run

Last week, this tantalizing post appeared over at Millennial Star, reporting speculation that Mitt Romney may be considering a run for Harry Reid’s Senate seat in Nevada. 

As a lifelong Nevada resident, I say, yes!

I’ve started a petition for like minded folks to help draft Romney.  It reads:


Dear Governor Romney:

As you won the 2008 Nevada Caucus with 53% of the vote and the nearest competitors only got 13%, and

As Nevada Senator Harry Reid only beat John Ensign in 1998 by a mere 400 votes across the state, and

As a recent poll reported in the Wall Street Journal put Harry Reid’s approval rating at only 38% and disapproval rating at 54%,

We, the undersigned, ask that you establish residency in Nevada and run against Harry Reid for his Senate seat in 2010.


Especially you registered Nevada voters, please sign my petition here.


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