Domestic Violence Is All The Rage

It’s undeniable that popular singer Chris Brown savagely beat his girlfriend Rihanna last month.  Even more sadly, it’s also undeniable that too many–maybe even a majority–of young people are siding with Brown.

The second half of this article from the New York Times addresses why that is.  One expert highlights the influence of hip hop’s insistence that aggression is an appropriate response to stress, but more disturbing still is this theme:

Moreover, teenage girls can’t be expected to support Rihanna just because of her gender, youth culture experts say. They see themselves as sharing equal responsibility with boys. Parity, not sisterhood, is the name of the game.

And there you have it.  For a generation of kids who have been raised with the de facto cultural mantra that men and women are absolutely the same, physical violence between them has lost its social taboo. 

Which makes one wonder, thirty years ago when the LDS Church campaigned against the Equal Rights Amendment on the grounds that removing all legal distinctions between the sexes would result in irreparable harm for women, were they actually foreseeing something?

Which also begs the question, when the LDS Church campaigns against gay marriage today, on the grounds that removing the legally special sanction given to traditional families would result in irreparable harm towards children, are they actually foreseeing something? 

Or, as we survey the sad damage done to a generation of young women who don’t even know that they’re entitled to be protected from masculine violence, will we live to see the results of another of society’s experiments wrought upon the next generation?

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