Teaching Tip

This is not an April Fool’s joke.  As Dave Barry would say, I swear I am not making this up. 

Yesterday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that John Mannion,  a weight training teacher at a local high school, is suspected of stealing $20, 000 from the athletic department.  Mannion’s defense is that he didn’t take it, it was only stolen from his cabinet where he’d left it for weeks because the school banker wasn’t readily available, and, besides, he says it was only more like $5000 or $6000.

But the best part is this:

He said he was not trained by the school on how to properly manage student-generated funds.


Now, I haven’t handled money for a school organization for years, and was never responsible for that much money, but I still think I’m qualified to offer this guy just a wee bit of simple yet useful advice.  Ready?  Here it is: if you collect several thousand dollars from students and parents for your school fundraiser, try not hiding it in a drawer for over a month.  Instead, you might make sure that it gets to someone in authority.  Quickly.

And if you do get in trouble, you probably shouldn’t tell the newspaper that it was your boss’s fault for not training you right.  This teacher had better enjoy his Spring Break next week, ’cause the rest of the year ain’t gonna be pretty…

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