Illustration of Las Vegas’ Growth

Sorry for the lack of posting for the last several days, folks, but it’s Spring Break and the Huston clan spent the weekend out of town. 

Speaking of which, I saw a great object lesson showing how much our little burg has blossomed in recent years.  On the way back into Vegas from Utah, along I-15, you’ll come across one of those road signs that tells you how far it is to the next town, this one informing you thusly: “North Las Vegas  12 miles / Las Vegas  14 miles.” 

After I saw that sign, I started paying attention to the odometer.  Exactly three miles after that sign, you pass the Las Vegas Speedway.  Three miles after that gets you to the 215 exit.  Just a stone’s throw later you pass the first “official” North Las Vegas exit, for Craig Road.  Even going that far puts you well before the road sign’s promised “12 miles” until you reach the outskirts of North Las Vegas. 

Now, those signs are notoriously inaccurate, and that one has been there for decades, but how many other cities do you know of which have grown so bulbously that they now start at least half a dozen miles before they used to? 

And if you think that’s something, try coming back into Las Vegas from Reno.  That last sign warning you that Vegas is still about 19 miles away is itself now practically within the city limits.

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