Ironic University Billboard

Also on that drive back down from Utah, I saw something strange.  As you go south through Cedar City, you pass a billboard that says “SUU: Take It Personal.” 

Now, I have the highest respect for Southern Utah University.  When a mother and daughter once asked me for help when the mother insisted the daughter go to BYU, and the daughter wanted to go to a school that was more “artsy” but still out of state, I suggested they look into SUU as a compromise.  I think the Centurium is just about the coolest monument on the planet.  And, of course, the Shakespearean festival.  ‘Nuff said.

But surely, surely, this billboard is a joke or an uncharacteristic example of someone in the PR department falling asleep at the wheel.  Surely they meant for the billboard to read grammatically as, “Take It Personally.”  If the text as it stands is somehow significant, please clue me in.  I don’t want to remember this as a blemish on an otherwise splendid school.

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