What’s Good For The Goose…

Attorney General Janet Napolitano’s assertion that military veterans need to be considered as potential threats for violent “right wing extremist” attacks because of the training they receive in the military is both disturbing and misguided.  Her only reference for this is Timothy McVeigh (a specious example at best), which opens up a floodgate for the kind of profiling that I though liberals were supposed to hate. 

After all, if veterans are suspect in general because of the training they and McVeigh might share, should we also put all math teachers under closer scrutiny because of the damage wrought by the technical know-how of the Unabomber

But this slippery slope comes much closer to home for Napolitano.  After all, she’s an attorney by profession, and tons of attorneys have abused their legal expertise to hurt, frame, and defraud people.  Shouldn’t she herself be under the microscope, you know, just in case?

Or take the fact that she’s a woman.  Sadly, women have been known to warp their own maternal instincts and kill their children.  Luckily, though, it appears that there is very little danger of Napolitano ever being in that position.

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