Good News For Centennial High and the Las Vegas Sun

  1. This week, the Las Vegas Sun won a Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on the safety problems and subsequent fatalities at construction sites on the Strip.  Apparently, that big building boom we had promised profits that outweighed silly little details like making sure that the guys actually making it happen, you know, wouldn’t keep horribly dying.  This is a huge coup for Las Vegas and a well-deserved honor for its journalists.  Congrats especially to Alexandra Berzon, the young reporter behind the series. 
  2. Not only did the school at which I work, Centennial High, win our state championships this year for women’s soccer and basketball, but even more prestigious still, our Navy JROTC unit won the annual national competition.  That’s right, our cadets made us the number one Navy ROTC program in the country.  A link to the official scores isn’t ready yet, but we finished 1st place in unit personnel inspection, athletics, academics, pushups, 1600 relay, and placed near the top in several other categories.  A dozen of our cadets finished at or near the top in their individual events.  Add it up and we’re #1, which is especially impressive considering that we’re a fairly young school (with an eight-year-old program) that was competing mostly against old schools from east of the Mississippi. 

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