“Email English” Example

Perhaps I don’t do Facebook or Twitter because I’d obsessively demand proper grammar and punctuation at all times.  Shorthand conventions be darned; all written communication should conform to professional standards, I say! 

This morning I got the following email.  The author sent it to a girl’s math teacher, and copied it to me because she wanted her daughter to be able to come in to my class late. 

Mr. ________,

__________ is coming in to take that test when you two decided would be a good time.  Please give her a pass to Mr. Huston class she was worried about getting into his class.

Oh dear.  Awkward phrasing in the first sentence gives way to an outright atrocious second sentence, such as it is: a run-on with a missing possessive. 


On her signature line, I noticed that she works at a school.

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