The Provident Living Specialist

Anybody else notice that the first address in each of the last two General Conferences were about provident living?  (Here and here)

In my ward, we’ve taken to calling our ward emergency preparedness specialist by a new designation: the provident living specialist.  The idea came up in a welfare meeting, courtesy of the brain trust that is the Relief Society Presidency, that just as the Church has shifted from a focus on a year’s supply of food storage to focus instead on preparing in smaller steps for shorter time periods, we try to move out of the mindset that we need to be stockpiling for a catastrophe and into one where we focus on a holistic view of preparedness: budgeting, reducing expenses, living within our means, rotating storage, increasing education and job skills, etc.

You know, basically the same stuff the Church has had on its fantastic and vastly under-utilized Provident Living web site for years. 

We’ve been organizing firesides and activities along these lines recently, with great success.  Our community is coming together, rallying behind this more expansive vision of preparedness; as financial guru Dave Ramsey says, “The paid off mortgage is the new BMW.” 

And it doesn’t hurt that our ward’s “provident living specialist” is an incredibly dedicated, proactive lady.  Pretty foxy, too.  My wife!


2 comments on “The Provident Living Specialist

  1. i was just called as our wards provident living specialists and i am having a hard time finding out the description to build on of the calling….i have ideas just need more info on the calling can you tell me more about it


  2. Becky, like all callings, the description is ultimately, “whatever the bishop tells you to do.” That being said, you should look at everything that pertains to your calling at this Church web site, Provident Living.

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