Video Book Report: Fall of a Kingdom

My 10-year-old son recently had a book project to do for school on a fantasy novel he’d just read: Hilari Bell’s Fall of a Kingdom.  He really loved it, and he wanted to do something special.  He came up with this video idea, wrote out the dialogue, and staged it.  I just held the camera. 

The first half is supposed to communicate that the book is so engrossing that you’ll be oblivious to everything around you, you’ll be so absorbed.  The second half is his actual report, with a good dose of silliness.  He and I share the same sense of humor; why a flying monkey?  Why not?  Everything’s better with a flying monkey in it.

That’s my boy.  I’m so proud!

2 comments on “Video Book Report: Fall of a Kingdom

  1. Heather, thanks! My boy has a bright future ahead of him as a comedian. Hopefully he doesn’t throw away that potential and chase after some fun dream of being some kind of silly brain surgeon or something.

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