My Daughter Reviews Man Vs. Wild

bearToday I watched some episodes on a DVD I checked out from the library of the first season of Man Vs. Wild, the fantastically cool show on Discovery channel about the ex-British Special Forces soldier Bear Grylls who shows you how to survive in impossibly inhospitable terrains around the world.  My four-year-old daughter sat in with me on an episode about the harsh landscape of the Scottish Highlands.  Her thoughts on:

  • Bear skinning a dead deer to use its skin for a shelter: “Eww!”
  • Bear peeing into a canteen and putting it under his shirt to stay warm: “Eww!”
  • Bear showing us how to get out of a swampy bog by stripping down and jumping into one: “Eww!”
  • Bear killing a rabbit by karate chopping the back of its neck: “Eww!”

You get the idea…

Still, a terrific show which I highly recommend.  Very fun!

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