A “car czar.”  Inevitable new cabinet departments.  Added powers for existing positions.  The new administration has already started expanding the size and authority of the federal government at an alarming rate. 

Here’s a new term for our political lexicon: Barack Obama + bureaucracy = Barackracy: the massive, intrusive, nanny-state infrastructure created or strengthened by our 44th president.  Coming soon to every area of your life.

2 comments on “Barackracy

  1. If you copyright that, put it on a shirt, find an incidious photo of Obama to slap on the front, I GUARANTEE you wouldn’t have to work for a year.

    Wait, pretty soon, none of us will have to work, right? That’s the beauty of the Barackracy!

  2. I can only WISH I’d thought of this first–a pun this obvious was bound to be around for a while already.

    What I’m wondering is how long it will take the pop-culture Obama-maniacs to stop and think, “Hey! He’s been president for a while now and I’m still a loser with no mansion or private jet! What gives?”

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