An Open Appeal To the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Dear Mormon Tabernacle Choir:

Will you please make a recording for missionary distribution?  There are only so many Church videos and materials to give to friends before they’ve seen everything, and probably seen it multiple times from all their Mormon friends.  I’d love to give people some of your great albums of hymns, but it’s just not affordable.

Yes, it would cost money, but wouldn’t it be a great missionary opportunity?  It would bless lives and build friendships.  Everyone who receives it would love it. 

Christmas music would be perfect.  It wouldn’t even have to be a full album–a few songs would be enough to make a valuable gift.  Thanksgiving, Easter, or Independence Day would also make great opportunities.  Or all of the above!  Friends, relatives, and home teachers could share these gifts at appropriate times when interest is highest.  A small CD package could also include a more direct message about the Church, or maybe just a quote about that holiday.  Or just a picture and the Church web site’s address. 

They could be included in copies of that month’s Ensign.  Or, if that’s too costly, make them available as cheaply as possible from the distribution center. 

If that’s all still impossible, perhaps you could provide a few free mp3 downloads on the Church web site and we could advertise them to our friends with pass along cards.

I know that such a production would yield great results, in the lives of everyone such a recording would touch.  As a teacher, I read samples of great works to children and thus enlarge that author’s exposure and appreciation.  This project would do the same for the Tabernacle Choir. 

And it would undoubtedly help spread the gospel.  Who can hear your music and not feel the Spirit? 


Jamie Huston

2 comments on “An Open Appeal To the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

    • Instead of pass along cards to advertise mp3 downloads to our friends, how about e-cards? Surely the MoTab has some great old tracks that are just lying around these days–maybe even out of print–that they could put online and use to spread some goodwill.

      Independence Day is Saturday. How much traffic would be getting if people could go there and get a free download of “America the Beautiful?”

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