Reserve The Lost Symbol Early

Last week I thought to see if copies of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, his sequel to The Da Vinci Code, were available to put on hold at the library yet.  It’s due to be released in September, so I thought it might still be too early.

Nope, not too early.  I’m number 340 in line.  Clearly, plenty of people are having the same idea.  In fact, as of right now, there are a total of 429 people waiting for this one on the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District’s Web site.  If you live around here, you might want to put your marker down for it now: I can only wonder how many people will have it on hold by the time it actually comes out in two months!

I enjoyed the dumb fun of The Da Vinci Code, balanced by some neat trivia and clever cliffhangers on one hand with a very poorly researched and defended controversial thesis on the other.  The Lost Symbol is about Freemasonry, and there have been some hints that Brown may delve into the early Mormon Church’s associations with it.  That creates a personal interest for me, and I’m curious to see if he handles it accurately or pumps it up for sensationalism. 

It looks like the library district is ordering about 150 copies, and with new books checked out for seven days, I’ll still have to wait a few extra weeks to read it.  I’ll have a detailed review ready sometime in October.

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