Aaron’s Vestments, The Armor Of God, And The Modern Temple

One day in the temple this summer, I wondered if there might be any useful correlation between the clothing associated with the modern LDS endowment and Paul’s “armor of God.”   The concurrence between modern temple clothing and the vestments worn by Aaron in the Old Testament are obvious and commonly referenced in LDS literature on the subject (including Boyd K. Packer’s The Holy Temple), but I’ve never heard anyone mention the armor of God in connection with the temple. 

I looked up some scriptures and made the chart below.  My notes don’t seem to suggest any useful relationship–only three things had any kind of real parallel–but it was still interesting to research.  My private copy of these notes includes a final column for modern temple clothing items, which wouldn’t be appropriate to include here.  Endowed Latter-day Saints might enjoy trying to fill in that last part themselves, though.

Exodus 28 Item Description Order of wearing in Exodus 29:5-6 Ephesians 6 Item
28:4,13-30 Breastplate (including wreathen chains and Urim and Thummim) Goes above the ephod and girdle (v 28) 4 6:14 Breastplate of righteousness
28:4,6-7,31-35 Ephod Covers the loins 3 6:14 Loins girt with truth
28:4 Robe   2    
28:4,39,40 Broidered coat   1    
28:4,39,40 Mitre Worn on the head 6 6:17 Helmet of salvation
28:4,8-12,39,40 Curious girdle   5    
28:42 Linen breeches “to cover their nakedness”      
        6:15 Feet shod with gospel of peace
        6:16 Shield of faith
        6:17 Sword of the spirit

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