A Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,


I thank Thee for Thy mercy and patience with me,

for thy perfect grace, which I don’t deserve or fully understand.


Father, please forgive me for my selfish indulgences,

for my rebellions and ingratitude.

Please help me to repent and turn more fully to Thee.

Please help my heart to change.


I would be Thy man and live Thy way.

But I can’t do it on my own.

I’ve tried and failed.

I need Thee, Father.

I need Thee that I may see the glory of Thy plan and creation,

to do Thy work and serve Thee.

I need Thee just to be happy.


Father, I feel so full of regret,

of weakness and cold, hard hearted pride.

Please help me to be open to Thy Spirit,

and to see others as Thou sees them,

as my brothers and sisters,

to love them and be there for them,

and I need Thee to open my eyes to the joy

of purity and virtue.

Please help me to see potential and hope.

Please help me to seek after these things.


Father, Thou has answered this prayer before,

as Thou has answered so many prayers.

I’m amazed at Thy generosity to me.


I need the power of the Atonement to heal and clean me.

I need Thee to help me get rid of the darkness in me.


I thank Thee again, Father, for letting me be here,

and for all the beauty that fills every day,

and for the constant layers of blessings that cover me

and surround every part of my life,

so many that I can’t imagine them all.


I will live Thy plan for me, Father.

Please show me the way,

and reveal to me Thy will.

And I will do it. I will do it all.

I will follow Thy Son and His prophets;

I will go after them and learn. 


I look forward to tomorrow,

and every day with Thee,

my dear Heavenly Father, Sir.


Thou has delivered me, time and time again,

I trust Thee and I love Thee.


I pray in the name of Thy son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


2 comments on “A Prayer

  1. Peter, thanks. Yes, this is my prayer.

    I don’t know if I’ll post anything like this again–it was a little difficult to do this one–but lately I’ve been thinking about the beauty of the world’s devotional literature, which is something that we Latter-day Saints aren’t always very good at. I wonder if a genuine spiritual and artistic need might not be filled by a kind of “LDS Book of Common Prayer,” not as a liturgical work, obviously, but as poetry. I put this post together with that in mind.

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