David O. McKay’s “Ten Rules For Happiness”

I love this list, from former LDS Church President David O. McKay (1873-1970):


By President David O. McKay

1. Develop yourself by self-discipline.
2. Joy comes through creation — sorrow through destruction. Every living thing can grow: Use the world wisely to realize soul growth.
3. Do things which are hard to do.
4. Entertain upbuilding thoughts. What you think about when you do not have to think shows what you really are.
5. Do your best this hour, and you will do better the next.
6. Be true to those who trust you.
7. Pray for wisdom, courage, and a kind heart.
8. Give heed to God’s messages through inspiration. If self-indulgence, jealousy, avarice, or worry have deadened your response, pray to the Lord to wipe out these impediments.
9. True friends enrich life. If you would have friends, be one.
10. Faith is the foundation of all things — including happiness.


4 comments on “David O. McKay’s “Ten Rules For Happiness”

  1. David O McKay had another list of 7 characters of happiness.
    They were different than this list of Ten.
    Virtuous life (keep commandments of God); Work; Learning; Service to others; Gratitude

    I can’t remember the last two

    • I had this list on a card the size of the Articles of Faith cards which the church used to print. I have sought a source for the list but have only found the card which used to distributed by the church.

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