“He’s such a good kid”

A police officer was shot by a group of young men as he came home from work two nights ago.  One of the young men is an 18-year-old junior and basketball player at Mojave High School, according to the newspaper.  Reading the comments section below the article, some people say that they know him and that he’s “a good kid,” including someone called “Mojave Parent” commenting at 10:10. 

This reminded me of a similar tragedy here in Las Vegas three years ago: another basketball player at Mojave High School was part of a group that went around assaulting strangers on a spree one night.  After he was arrested, people came out of the woodwork to call him “a good kid.” 

When Gerald Davidson shot and killed Chris Privett after school at Palo Verde High School a year and a half ago, I don’t remember anyone calling him a good kid, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if someone did. 

I have no further commentary than this: get a clue, everybody.


2 comments on ““He’s such a good kid”

  1. Amen! “Athlete” does not equate to “good kid”. That seems to hold true clear up to the Professional level in some cases.

  2. No kidding. Why are we all so afraid to confront an anti-social subculture, one with close ties to basketball in particular, that condones and encourages violence? (When was the last time you heard of such a crime being committed by a soccer-playing country music fan?)

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