White Birches Inn

When my wife and I got married, I was in charge of planning some of the honeymoon.  I knew right away what I wanted to do: I wanted to go to a cozy bed and breakfast in some scenic, peaceful corner of the country.  After a ton of research, I found the one I’d been looking for: The White Birches Inn in Abingdon, Virginia. 

Check out their web site (from which the accompanying pictures here are borrowed) and consider staying there. 

First of all, Abingdon was gorgeous.  It’s a small town that’s home to a ton of neat little shops, historical buildings (including an inn that was once a residence for Martha Washington), a community theater that fostered Kevin Spacey, among many other great writers and actors (my wife and I saw two great plays there), and a bike trail through the Appalachians that was as pleasant as it was refreshing. 

But the inn itself was the highlight of the visit.  The rooms are named after great playwrights who worked with the local theater, is stuffed with great books in almost every corner, features a meticulously maintained garden exterior, and serves up an array of exquisitely sumptuous homemade breakfasts.  The best part is the owners: a sweet couple who clearly love the inn and their visitors with all of their generous hearts.  I remember that when my wife and I had to leave, after helping us with our bags, they came out the front door to wave to us as we pulled away. 

I’ve wanted to go back ever since.  We didn’t make it for the five year anniversary, but I’m hoping maybe for the tenth.  In the meantime, if you’re looking to enjoy a getaway at a quiet, lovely bit of Heaven, you could do no better anywhere in the world than to stay at the White Birches Inn.

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