“Thy” Son

A minor pet peeve: I cringe a little when someone in church ends a talk or a testimony with, “in the name of thy son, Jesus Christ, amen.” 

“Thy” son?  No…. Thy means your.  You would only use thy in a prayer, when you’re directly addressing God the Father, whose son Jesus is.  You shouldn’t say “thy son” at the end of a talk or testimony, because that would imply that Jesus is the son of all of us in your audience. 

On a completely unrelated subject, I’ve been thinking about maybe getting a life.

One comment on ““Thy” Son

  1. There are different things that have the effect of fingernails scraping a chalkboard. Mine is the inappropriate use of “literaly”. As in the commentary to the “Book of Mormon Movie”, “We literaly shaved his head off.”, when they meant that they had shaved his head, that is shaved his hair.

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