I Survived Roe Vs. Wade

Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s inglorious Roe vs. Wade decision.  It put me in mind of something that I’ve seen on a few t-shirts these last few years: I survived Roe vs. Wade.

I was born only a few years after that ruling.  My mother had a very difficult pregnancy with me, so difficult, in fact, that her doctor suggested that she have an abortion.  She refused and carried me to term. 

I’m not too clear as to what all of the complications were–though I do remember being told that during the delivery I was “stuck” for quite a while.  Despite this, my mother has lived just fine and in mostly good health; in fact, she had another baby a couple of years later, this one coming much more easily.  For my part, I was born with a deformed left ear, which was fixed by plastic surgery when I was very little.  Still, that ear’s been stone deaf since the day I was born. 

I think that’s a pretty small price to pay for being alive, though, and I’m certainly glad to have come to a mother who understands that.

4 comments on “I Survived Roe Vs. Wade

  1. My wife was 39 when we had our youngest. The OB/GYN kept recommending an abortion because of my wife’s “advanced age”. We changed doctors. My daughter is doing just fine, no thanks to “Dr. Death”.

  2. I also thought about this: if my mother had followed the doctor’s advice, not only wouldn’t I be here, but neither would any of my five amazing children. How sad!

  3. I heard there was going to be a very ‘controversial’ commercial during the super bowl about a football player who’s mother didn’t abort him. I was adopted, and feel blessed every day for my birthmother’s hard choice.

  4. Stephanie, I heard about that ad too (it’s with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow), and can’t wait to see it. Three cheers for moms who love their babies enough to never take the easy way out!

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