If Only, Frank. If Only.

From Berke Breathed’s 1989 collection of Bloom County cartoons, Night of the Mary Kay Commandos.  Second strip, second panel.  Twenty one years later…

2 comments on “If Only, Frank. If Only.

  1. I had an Allen Keyes bumpersticker on my car for a couple of years. It always got me looks in Detroit. Once an African-American gentleman asked if I was aware that Keyes was black. I said I was and that he was the most intellegent person running for president.

    I also would have campaigned for Condi Rice. Oh, Condi! You broke the hearts of many conservatives when you chose not to run for president.

  2. Even better–Thomas Sowell. He’s an economist, not a professional politician, but these days, that’s a bonus in my book!

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