Five Great Long Term Love Songs

Most love songs are about falling in love, or getting back together, or just about lust.  Few and far between are songs that celebrate being together in a stable, joyous relationship for a long time (especially marriage!).  As Valentine’s Day comes up, here are the first five great songs I could think of about love that has lasted and grown over a long time, alphabetical by artist:

Eric Clapton, “Wonderful Tonight”

Chris De Burgh, “The Lady In Red”

Collin Raye, “One Boy, One Girl”

Kenny Rogers, “Through the Years”

Shania Twain, “Still the One”

3 comments on “Five Great Long Term Love Songs

  1. “Looks like we made it; look how far we’ve come, baby” (Shania Twain) sounds good. Our relatives didn’t think we’d make it, but I guess after 27 years we can say that this is not a passing fancy.

  2. My fiance and I drove 8 hours to the Mesa temple to be married. It seems as though every other song was “Do you think I’m sexy”. Awkward!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing those stories, Velska and Floyd. Floyd, it could have been a lot worse; if you were getting married today and had the radio on…

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