Girls’ Names That Need To Make A Comeback

  • Myrtle
  • Zelda
  • Fanny
  • Gertrude
  • Phyllis

Their time has come again.

6 comments on “Girls’ Names That Need To Make A Comeback

  1. How about Prudence?

    I a different universe, perhaps. Here, I can’t see prudence becoming popular again.

    Seriously, I really like Myrtle from you suggestions, and would like to see more of the “old fashioned” names, as well as names from other cultures. Or is that a weird combination to like?

  2. My grandmother’s name was Audrey. That was a pretty name. Everybody’s homework: go out and have a daughter named Audrey.

    Velska, I think it would be great if someone had triplets and named them Prudence, Chastity, and Temperance. Those girls would have an interesting life.

  3. I know a Prudence and a Temperance, but they live in Pennsylvania (Lancaster County); and I’m pretty sure there was a Chastity, too. At least there was a Fertility… I don’t know if I’d name my girl that! BTW, they were all cities, too!

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