Amy Bishop May Be A Psycho, But At Least She’s A Popular Liberal

I just read about Alabama biology professor Amy Bishop’s shooting rampage that killed three of her colleagues.  Curious, I looked her up on, and found a few dozen reviews of her posted by former students.  Though there are some negative reviews, the majority are glowing, as seen from the screen shot below (I suspect the page will be taken down soon).  So she’s a homicidal maniac with a history of problems, but on the other hand, “she is hot but she tries to hide it.” 

Note that the Boston Herald article linked above (also posted today at Drudge Report) mentions that she is “a far left political extremist who was obsessed with President Obama,” and the same student review I just quoted from (visible below) also shares this: “she is a socialist but she only talks about it after class.” 


3 comments on “Amy Bishop May Be A Psycho, But At Least She’s A Popular Liberal

  1. I read through the entire reference given here for her being a ‘liberal.’ There was no reference to her political background of any type. The claim that this is a source for her politics is false. I’m sure that won’t stop people from repeating these lies because it suits their hate-filled agenda, and they have nothing substantive to say.

  2. Barb, no reference? I gave two in this short post–the Boston Herald article calling her a “far left political extremist” and the student review caling her a socialist.

    Still, I didn’t say that her politics caused her insane attack, merely that she was insane AND liberal. The title of my post implies that the media would move to whitewash her politics, just in case any conceivable connection could be implied, and your response proves me right. Thanks for the example!

    Nor is there anything hate-filled in my post or in anything else I’ve read about Bishop (even on Michelle Malkin’s blog!). The only “hate-filled agenda” with “nothing substantive to say” here is your comment, which makes a broad accusation about my and others’ motives, without base or precedent, and with the most hostile of phrasing.

    And to think, many conservatives now are convinced that their adversaries in the mainstream media are arrogantly derisive! I know; nonsense, right?

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