Vocabulary Fun

For the first time this school year, I’ve had to call in sick (bronchitis, I bet).  As I wait for the doctor’s office to open, let’s start catching up on some neglected blogging!

The following are some cool words that, in nearly two years, I have never used on this blog:

  • asseverate
  • vertiginous
  • dichotomy
  • pulchritude

I’ll try to work each of these in, naturally, in some future posts by the end of the year.

One comment on “Vocabulary Fun

  1. “The epitome of feminine pulchritude asseverated her vertiginous feeling about being pushed between the extremes of a false dichotomy. She just couldn’t fathom either of them describing her circumstance.”

    What’s my grade, teach?
    (I had to make sure that I remembered “asseverate” and “vertiginous” right. I subscribe to the Word of the Day from Dictionary.com and Wordsmith.com. but then I’m totally geeky that way…)

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