“Equity and Diversity Education”

Last week at work our electronic bulletin board received a posting announcing an upcoming seminar.  It would be a class featuring an education professor, titled, “The World of Expectations: How It Relates To School And Work.”  Whatever that means.

But the jarring thing here was that it was sponsored by the school district’s “Equity and Diversity Education Department,” a section that I never knew existed.  The flier included a sidebar that even listed the names and titles of the department’s staff: twelve people, including two whose given title was “Student Success Advocate.” 

Huh.  I thought that was supposed to be me and, especially, their parents.  What have any of these guys ever done that’s made a difference in any classroom?  Certainly nothing for mine.  Then again, considering the leftist, non-academic mandate implied in their department title, that’s probably just as well.

If we’re supposed to be tightening our belts because of tough budget cuts, I have an idea for where we can trim some fat…


3 comments on ““Equity and Diversity Education”

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the fat trimming suggestion. I’m sure the district has many more such positions that the general public has no idea about. If there is money to be cut from the budget, it should not be taken from the teachers who are actually in the classrooms. I’m very curious as to the role of “Student Success Advocate”, which students they are serving, and what exactly they are doing to advocate student success. I agree wholeheartedly that parents and teachers are the biggest factors in the equation of success. No expensive social or diversity program is going to overcome the failure in the home.

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