Clark County Primary Election Endorsements

I’ve long considered myself primarily a libertarian politically, but several years ago I registered as a Republican in order to vote in primary elections for offices I otherwise wouldn’t be able to.  For instance, in November, I’ll probably vote for whichever Republican makes it through the primary to oppose Harry Reid in the Senate.  But which contender will it be?  Unless I’m registered as a Republican, I wouldn’t have a say.  So that’s pretty much why I’m a Republican. 

Early voting for our primary election started today, and I’ve spent the last week doing my homework.  Two lessons here:

  1. If you’re running for office and someone googles you just days before voting starts, and nothing comes up about you–not an interview, not a newspaper article, not a web ste, nothing, as if you aren’t even running, as if you don’t even exist–I will assume you’re not serious and will not consider you. 
  2. If you flout endorsements, make sure the organizations themselves have a useful online presence.  One seemingly worthy group giving endorsements in this primary also brings up nothing via google, and when I called the office number given on the letter reproduced on the web site of some candidates, a secretary told me there was no material to send me, and no regular meetings of their group.  Also, it looks bad if you advertise inconsistent endorsements: so a constitutional conservative group endorses you, and the SEIU?  I’m not sure what to make of that.

And here is the final list of offices open and candidates to be voted on in my county.

And here are the people I recommend:


I just wrote a post recently defending Sue Lowden, and I definitely do like her, but one person in this race definitely stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Sharron Angle’s experience, the long list of quality endorsements she can credit herself with, and the fact that her ideas are the most consistently conservative all convinced me to go with her.  Even after that, yesterday on the way home from work I heard her on the Jerry Doyle show when he asked how she would bring to Nevada the kind of influence and special favors that Harry Reid can get with his authority.

“I won’t,” Angle said in effect, explaining that Nevadans don’t want pork and earmarks for themselves; they just want to keep their money, and have the laws enforced and borders protected.  Awesome. 

Vote for: Sharron Angle


This is a crowded field.  The group whose endorsements I’ve admired the most in recent elections, Nevada Concerned Citizens, endorsed Chuck Flume, who I hadn’t heard of before this and who answered their survey questions virtually the same as every other candidate, so I didn’t understand why he got the nod.  Another conservative group, NPAC, gave their nod to Craig Lake, who I know because he’s been running ads on Drudge Report for months.  I checked out their web sites, and they’re both good guys.

But Kenneth Wegner’s sings have always floored me.  I’ve never seen someone use their roadside campaign posters to list their basic policy plan.  It’s a gutsy move.  And Wegner came in a close second in NPAC’s poll. 

That being said, I don’t know that this campaign matters.  I don’t think that any of these guys can beat Democratic incumbent Shelley Berkley.  Sorry. 

Vote for: Kenneth Wegner


Even aside from Jim Gibbons’s scandal-ridden divorce, his purported image as a fiscal conservative is hardly flawless.  Front runner Brian Sandoval is a good guy, who even said on a local Spanish language TV station that he supports Arizona’s controversial new law–I can’t imagine a gutsier move than that–but Mike Montandon is even better than Sandoval.  Montandon was the mayor of my town, North Las Vegas, for several years, and managed the rampantly growing municipality strongly and adroitly.  Few people are noting that, out of all the candidates, his prior experience is the most like what the governor’s office requires.  Montandon has a reputation for being a straight shooter who homes in on what he knows is best and does it no matter what.  I don’t know him personally, but I’ve met him and we’ve worked in the same circles for a while–if he would be a poor governor, I think I’d know about it. 

Vote for: Mike Montandon


Barbara Lee Woollen has been trying to make a lot out of Brian Krolicki’s felony charges regarding funds from his term as treasurer, but the big thing here is that those charges were all thrown out.  I hate it when someone tries to unseat someone in their party by using the same arguments that the guys in the other party use (I’m talking to you, Danny Tarkanian).  Woollen actually seems like a promising leader, and while her business experience is impressive, her political record is scanty.  Lieutenant governor is hardly a starter job.  Besides, anti-incumbent fervor has its place, but nobody has seriously asserted that Krolicki is even bad at his job. 

Vote for: Brian Krolicki


I hadn’t heard of either of these guys until I started looking them up.  I checked out Barry Herr’s online information and found it suitably decent.  Then I researched Gregory Nance Dagani. 

Holy.  Cow. 

Listen, if the only thing that comes out of this blog post  is that nobody votes for this guy, it will have been time well spent.  He’s clearly a nut.  A disaster.  A lunatic.  Remember Elizabeth Halverson, the morbidly obese judge who was quickly thrown out for (basically) gross incompetence?  This guy would be ten times worse.  This is not a partisan thing.  In fact, I would gladly vote for any normal Democrat before this guy. 

The best resource on this creep is this article by the Review Journal’s Glenn Cook.  After that, check out the series of comments Dagani left after this article, all of which are bad.  Scary bad.  This guy actually held a statewide office once.  Is it really that easy to get elected in Nevada?

Vote for: Barry Herr.  Or Mickey Mouse, if he enters the race.  Just not Dagani.


Both of these guys seems pretty decent, especially Travis Barrick with his low-key everyman persona coupled with a solid resumé, but Jacob Hafter’s recent switch between parties disconcerts me, as does his lack of civic involvement for the last several years, both of which he has only given shoddy explanations for.  All of this could be forgivable, but the way he explains his ideas on his web site clearly show him to be a big government kind of guy.  No thanks. 

Again, though, I’m skeptical that either of them can muster the support to beat Democratic incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto, even though she recently made a splash for refusing to help sue the federal government over the health care bill.  This will probably turn into a largely symbolic protest vote.

Vote for:  Travis Barrick


Gerrit Hale registered to run for this office at the last minute, which always makes me think someone is a shady opportunist, but he answered the NCC questionnaire and got a few impressive endorsements (though his opponent, Nick Starling, got the NPAC endorsement).  All things considered, Hale seems best to me. 

Vote for: Gerrit Hale


Scott Austin did the NCC questionnaire and got the NPAC endorsement.  Nicholas Needham barely registered on anyone’s radar at all. 

Vote for: Scott Austin


Jim Edwards is invisible online, so he’s out.  Tom Willis got the NCC endorsement, but the fact that he either didn’t answer at all, or put “undecided,” for almost half of their questions doesn’t sit well with me.  Donald Hotchkiss got an endorsement from Veterans in Politics which, added against my take on Willis, puts him just enough over the top to have gotten my vote. 

Vote for: Donald Hotchkiss


Neither of these guys has much of any information out there about him at all.  What gives, fellas?  Aren’t you serious here?  Don’t you care?  Alas, I have to vote for one of you, or the machine won’t let me cast my vote, so…I see that Edwin Canizalez registered at the last minute.  OK, then.

Vote for: Mike Javornicky


Kelsie Graham doesn’t seem serious enough to bother with any real campaigning, so she’s out.  Jack Clark and Steve Sanson were both very impressive.  In fact, the only thing that barely put Clark over the top was the fact that he answered NCC’s questionnaire and got an endorsement.  (It was close, though.  Sanson got the NPAC endorsement.  I hope to see more of him in another election.)

Vote for: Jack Clark


Gloria Sturman is clearly a liberal activist judge.  Bruce Gale doesn’t seem bad, but Kurt Harris has good (though inconsistent!) endorsements.  Also, I was impressed by the way he expressed his judicial philosophy on his web site.

Vote for: Kurt Harris


Not only do Jack Howard and Ron Israel apparently lean a bit to the left, but Lucinda Coumou’s answers to the NCC questionnaire–and subsequent endorsement–are solid.

Vote for: Lucinda Coumou


I met Jerry Wiese about a month ago, through a mutual friend.  Wiese answered my questions about what makes him the best candidate with candor and class–his background is in civil law and his opponents’ are in criminal law, and this is a civil seat.  Also, unlike them, he’ll be taking a pay cut to do this job.  That being said, I still haven’t decided if the motto on his t-shirts and yard signs (“Choose the right candidate”–full disclosure: I got a sign and two t-shirts) is meant to be a clever wink to local Latter-day Saints, or kind of a cheap appeal to them.  Maybe a bit of both.  Hopefully he meant “right” as in “correct,” or possibly “conservative,” but it’s hard not to see the reference. 

Also, a Review Journal article from the last election identified him as a Republican, but he’s currently listed on the state Democratic party’s web site as a candidate.  Is one wrong?  Did he switch parties?  It’s really not the most important thing in the world–I’ve voted for plenty of Democrats before, and party affiliation is only a small part of what factors into a decision about who to vote for as a judge–but I do like things to be clear and consistent. 

Still, even after previewing the other three contenders in this race, Wiese is superior. 

Vote for: Jerry Wiese


One of the sources I researched for my voting that I haven’t mentioned yet is Q, which is a local magazine for gays.  I was interested to see who they’d endorse and why.  In this race, they said that voting for any of three candidates would be fine. 

Except that this race has four candidates.  The one they didn’t mention, Marc Risman, may have been the easiest vote in this election.  His endorsements are the best out of any candidate for any office, coming from tons of individuals across the political spectrum.  This one’s a no-brainer.

Vote for: Marc Risman


Maria Maskall fared fairly well on NCC’s questionnaire (though it appears that she declined to have her answers printed), but in the Review Journal’s recent edition of the annual Judging the Judges feature, Steve Jones got one of the highest ratings from the attorneys polled.  That’s pretty dang impressive, and I say, if it ain’t broke….Also, he got an endorsement from Veterans in Politics, which doesn’t hurt.

Vote for: Steve Jones


Actually, all three of these contenders seem pretty decent (I was particularly impressed by an article by George Knapp extolling Ellen Bezian), but ultimately, Bill Gonzalez stands out best here.  He’s got the experience, as well as endorsements from NCC and VIP. 

Vote for: Bill Gonzalez


This is a crowded field, but here are some notes: Ethan Kottler’s web site came across as strongly liberal activist, and Vincent Ochoa, despite being a Democrat, got endorsements from VIP and Citizens for Responsible Government.  Most impressive. 

Note: one candidate, Nathan Gibbs, represented my ex-wife in our divorce ten years ago.  Suffice it to say, neither of us thought too highly of his work.  Maybe he’s gotten better in the last decade.  That being said, I remember him being a professional and a gentleman, and his web site makes it clear that he’s a family man (though it’s not paraded excessively, which I also liked). 

Remember the Q magazine endorsements I mentioned?  In this race, they didn’t say who to vote for, but did say who NOT to vote for: Vincent Ochoa or Tony Liker, who also got the NCC nod.  Some have tried to paint Liker as an unstable redneck, but I think he’s more of a down-to-earth everyman.  The incident with his wife last year that some have reported as domestic violence appears, to me, to be an accident taken out of context.  I think it’s too easy to dismiss a public figure because we can take an embarrassing event and suit it to our critical assumptions.  God forbid any of us find ourselves the subject of such cold scrutiny. 

Vote for: Tony Liker (if you prefer a Democrat, Ochoa also seems worthy)


Piece of cake.  A couple of the other contenders are decent, a couple are awful, but John Jensen is clearly a solid paragon of jurisprudence who has the experience and character to be the best judge. 

Vote for: John Jensen


It was a tough call between Mark Newburn and incumbent Andrea Anderson here, but it ultimately came down to one almost arbitrary thing: on the NCC questionnaire, Newburn said he’d oppose hate crimes legislation, which represents the kind of campus freedom-killing conformity that I hate, but Anderson said she wasn’t sure.  She’s said and done a lot of good things in this campaign, but they were both so well qualified, that it had to be something this small that made the decision. 

Vote for: Mark Newburn


It’s a foregone conclusion that Sheriff Doug Gillespie will make it through the primary, and probably win in November.  I toyed with the idea of going with the guy I thought was second best in this fight, Dan Barry, just to see the two of them square off in November, but I finally decided that wasn’t the best way to think.  I’ve respected Gillespie’s work so far; when an officer died from a crash because he was driving too fast without a seat belt, Gillespie didn’t sweep it under the rug, he went public with the truth and reformed the department.  That shows integrity. 

Besides, I know several people who work for Metro, and they all seem to think Gillespie’s doing a good job.  If they want him to stay in, I won’t disagree; nobody knows better than they do who should be leading the cops. 

Vote for: Doug Gillespie

 I cast all these votes this afternoon and when I reviewed the printout before pressing the final button, I felt good.

39 comments on “Clark County Primary Election Endorsements

  1. Jerry, thanks for reading, though. If anybody has more information about these candidates or races, I’m happy to see it in the comments.

  2. I was looking up names on web to try and find info on each candidate, and vawala! I found yours. Thanks for confirming most of my choices and extra input where lacking on the web.

    This is the year to vote if ever.

    Dorothy Poole

  3. Huston,

    Thank you for your research. I found it more than a little disconcerting that Citizens for Responsible Government cannot even set up a blog to announce their endorsements. I know they do questionnaires and interviews. It bothers me that they take the time to do all of the work, but do not make the results of their work very accessible to voters.

    Generally I agree with your assessments, especially of avoiding the potential tire fires of Hafter and Dagani. However, I disagree on a few of them, and I will give my reasoning.

    I have met and spoken with Kenneth Wegner. In my opinion, he is not quite hitting on all eight cylinders. He is able to parrot the talk radio talking points, but he does not seem to be able to articulate the reasoning supporting the conclusions. Although I believe anyone will be a sacrificial lamb to Berkely, I think Craig Lake has shown the most ability to take the fight to her, and his values are very close to mine.

    I’ve known Jerry Wiese for quite some time. In my opinion, he is a mediocre lawyer at best. In addition, he did switch parties to Democrat last year because the Democrats had all of the momentum last year, and he went and hired a big Dem campaign adviser. The foregoing tells me that Jerry either has the wrong values, or he is willing to sell out his values to get elected. Mediocre attorney + pandering to the left = no vote for Jerry.

    Overall, Dept. 30 is a bad slate. I know all of the candidates except Trish Palm, who is a Elizabeth Halverson disaster (only much prettier) waiting to happen. In my opinion, Mike Davidson is smart but he strikes me as someone who is on a retirement path and will not be willing to work. Craig Friedberg never impressed me as an attorney, and I have a hard time believing he will be a great judge. All things considered, I would probably have to reluctantly choose Davidson if you put a gun to my head.

    Tony Liker is largely viewed as a joke in the legal community. Enough said.

    I know both Gibbs and Ochoa, and either of them would be fine. Your unfortunate experience with Gibbs happened with him when he was still quite young in the practice, and yes, he has gotten better. I would not even consider the other choices in the race.

    I had similar feelings about Gillespie, but then I talked to some prosecutors, and they are quite close with police officers. The prosecutors said that the police officers are quite cool about Gillespie. Dan Barry seems to be the one that the officers respect the most.

    I am still working on the County races, as I am trying to get more information about that cast of characters. Thank you again for taking the time to research. I hope that my perspective as an attorney has been helpful.

  4. hey jamie,

    i liked reading your thoughts & reasonings too. Some of these positions like judges & what not, I never really know who the better candidate is. So it was fun reading your opinions. I passed the link on to my mom & siblings.

  5. Thanks! Especially your review of Mike Montandon for Governor. He is a clear choice. Seems like he’s been rail-roaded by the NV establishment. His victory will be the greatest lesson in politics – where conservative minded Nevadans are waking up and voting on principle inspite of media popularity – and establishment choice.

  6. I have spent the whole day trying to find information on all the candidates
    and am amazed at how few have put up a web site with all their positions defined.

    I agree with most of your assessments except where there is no definitive merit of one over the other, I will vote for the one who is a Veteran of our Armed Forces.

    With 54 years of business experience and having volunteered in four wars I I feel I have the qualifications. I am recently returned from Iraq and hope to be well enough to run for a Congressional position in 2012. Look for me.

  7. “People before Politics” I beleive that is a Quote from Tom Willis he certainly has my vote for Clark County Recorder, qualified candidate and we need a CHANGE…

  8. In regards to Donald Hotchkiss being the better candidate for County Recorder, Donald Hotchkiss left last weekend to accept a Job in Alaska, how could he campaign for the job as County Recorder if he is NOT even in Nevada….Does not make any sense to me….Tom Willis is a much better candidate for the job.

  9. I’m a little discouraged by Kenneth Wegner’s approach to certain things, such as throwing block grants at state schools and investing in alternative energy (just drill for Christ’s sake). Chuck Flume speaks to me in that he wishes to minimize the influence and power of the federal government and give it back to the states. Of course, this is all based on what came out of his mouth and not his record, so I’m well aware that it could all be lies. If it sounds too good to be true, it must be, right?

  10. Thanks for all the feedback, all!

    Gavin, I’m glad to have an attorney’s opinion. You’ll notice that everybody you support was a close second in my notes above. I appreciate the added information–it may come in useful to me in the general election.

    Robert, thanks and yes, I’ll look for you next time around.

    Disappointed, who DO you support, and why? How do you account for his solid performance on the RJ poll?

    I see two of you stumping for Tom Willis–that’s fine and I appreciate the information. Kim, are you saying that Hotchkiss has moved out of the state and is therefore dropping the race? Really?

    Mr. Ross, thank you for your balanced candor. So would Wegner NOT minimize the influence and power of the federal government, because that seems to be his big priority to me, or do you just think that Flume’s a little better?

  11. Don Hotchkiss is a friend of mine. He did NOT move out of state. He is in Alaska on some family business. He will return shortly. Don is very active in Clark Co. He has for several years traveled to different schools with an all volunteer team to make Living History presentations. He is a real gentleman who believes that children should have more of sense of what went on before them. He is very active in his own family History and presents programs to Historical organizations. He a former officer in the Army. He is the best pick for the job of Clark Co. Recorder.

  12. Folks: I have NOT relocated to Alaska. I am up here on a vorking vacation but I will be leaving these beautiful 70s temps for the Las Vegas 110s soon enough. I am very much in this campaign to win it. Besides, my dog insists I return as soon as possible. So my Dear Kim, Please stop saying I have relocated. To paraphrase the great Mark Twain, The reports of my “relocation” are premature.

  13. Huston I, like you, researched for 10 hours on the day I recieved my Official Sample Ballot and ran into the same problem with some candidates having little or no information on them. I was about to give up on the 2nd page as it had already taken me 3 and a half days of intense research and now came the Judges. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have run into this post of yours! You saved me hours and I knew I could trust your recommendations as they had matched what I’d had so far. There were a few offices on my sample ballot that were not on your post so I’ll dive back in and get those researched. For once I’m hoping this is a sign that people are going to do their homework instead of voting willy-nilly! To me it’s amazing that people, for the most part, have NOT researched who they’ve voted for in the past. Hopefully we are beginning to see a positive change in the voting process to include researching the candidates and seeing thru the double-speak and hidden agendas. All my friends are researching this time around also, so is my husband! Now THAT is an indicator of the current dischord of these changing times!

    Again, thank you so very much for doing your homework and some of mine too! Now I’m off to the voting booths!!

  14. Disappointed I can sypathize after reading this link’s articles pointed at making Judge Steven Jones look bad, however I cannot trust the author of these articles. Media attacks and twisting of the truth always seems to undermine the voters and I’m just not convinced that Judge Jone’s household accident was indeed domestic violence. That being said it makes me want to delve even deeper into the author’s motivation to smear this person to the point that he has. I will research this issue further before I go out and vote.

    If I were an elected official with a former brother-in-law who has a felony record would I allow him to reside with me? Probably, if the situation held promise that he needed this to help change his ways. So not knowing the whole truth on this aspect, I cannot place judgement against someone who is allowing his felon brother-in-law to reside with them.

    As for the aspect of not being centrally arbitrative and using his friendship with Judge Mosley to have his charges dropped in the case of his domestic violence charges, I suspected long ago that the charges were indeed placed upon him falsely in the first place and stemmed from a household accident during an argument. I don’t beleive everything I read, or hear on the television and I never have. Instead I’ll usually make sure I cover all sides, look at the information, the person presenting the information, the organizations employing the person presenting the information and try to get as objective an opinion as I can find from the most objective source. Something that seems harder and harder to do these days when the mainstream media refuse to honor “Objective” journalistic practices.

    That being said, this information is compelling and it makes me want to research the author who produced this montage of “corruption” upon this particular Judge. Does the author, or authors as it seems the only author noted is in the middle several articiles have ties with the opposition? What does the author gain or lose in making Judge Jone’s stained? The only author noted in this link you give is INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller, of March 16, 2009. There is where I guess I must start in order to get to the bottom of this.

    Thank you Disappointed for the info! You can count on me to research this before I vote for or against this man. I think that we people are so privy now to slash-your-tires politics that anyone can make a politician look bad…. really bad, if they put some effort into it, and we are extra careful before believing the Media. I just have to hold to the truth that not one of us is perfect, and fight to get to the heart of the candidate and vote for their character, heart, values, and beliefs rather than the accusations that follow them. So rest assured he is under scrutiny but so is that link you provided.

  15. OH btw!!! (sorry for the triple-post..) The Candidate for County Clerk Nick Needham emailed me back finally and he is in the race however he’s in Afghanistan after doing time in Iraq. He’s a United States Ranger and all he had time to say was to thank me for my email, and that he would be happy to answer my 7 questions once he was back home. I respect that he is serving but I can’t vote for him as I have no answers to my questions, nor do I have a time when he’ll be back in the States, or if his schedule is capable of beginning this position as soon as it’s available to him. So on that note, that is the only reason I’m voting for the other candidate…and I’m saddened by the lack of choice there.

  16. TO: Disappointed and anyone else interested. I have found more comments and information on Judge Steven Jones who I have not decided whether or not to vote for yet.
    The information below is from this article:

    In 2006, Henderson Municipal Judge Ken Proctor acquitted Jones of a domestic battery charge involving his girlfriend. Proctor made the ruling after the woman, Amy McNair, took the witness stand and recanted the previous statements and testimony she had given in the case.

    Jones described Pifer’s statement about his morals as “troubling.”

    “She’s ignoring the facts, and she’s ignoring the law for her self-interest,” he said.

    Jones argued that two judges, including Proctor, have made factual findings that he “did absolutely nothing wrong” in the incident with McNair. Washoe County District Judge Charles McGee previously refused to extend a temporary protective order against Jones, calling McNair the primary aggressor in the incident.

    “I don’t think that the public wants a judge on the bench who is willing to be selective or ignore the facts and the law in order to benefit themselves,” Jones said of Pifer. “We are elected to do nothing else except look at the facts and apply the applicable law.”

    He said McNair is still his girlfriend, but they no longer live together. He said he is trying to help her as she struggles with alcoholism and mental health issues.

    In 1996, Jones called police during a fight that ended with his then-wife being sent to jail. Five months pregnant, Deborah Jones allegedly hit him with a flower arrangement and a shower curtain rod.

    When Jones sought to unseat Nevada Supreme Court Justice Cliff Young that year, the incident became the basis for a negative campaign commercial in the bitterly fought contest. Jones has blamed Young’s mudslinging tactics for his loss in that race.

    Jones said he might be a large man and a former football player, but he also is “a very kindhearted individual” with an even temperament.

    He said he has no plans to run for higher office again or to retire before the end of his term.

    “I plan on serving four and then another six after that,” he said.

    Jones’ association with Thomas Cecrle, his former brother-in-law, also has sparked controversy. Campaign finance reports show a history of debt between the two men, and Cecrle has been a defendant in numerous lawsuits stemming from allegations of unpaid loans and questionable business practices.

    In 2007, Cecrle was sentenced to 90 days in jail and two years of probation after pleading guilty to a felony drug charge.

    Jones said he has had little contact with Cecrle during the past two years.

    Please note, that the Judge who acquitted Jones was NOT Judge Donald Mosley but Judge Ken Proctor. Your link to the smear campaign of Jones stated that it was Mosley, a close friend of Judge Jones, who dismissed the case. This is what I mean about following the facts instead of the Media. :) No worries.

  17. I’ve done some work with Ellen Bezian and she has the potential to become a Halverson-type train wreck. (Over-emotional, a very foul mouth, overtly disrespectful of her clients/staff when they aren’t around.) Bill Gonzalez is a better choice.

    Tony Liker has had problems with the Bar and is a joke around the legal community. Go with Ochoa.

    Jerry Wiese is the best choice for Dept 30, although Davidson (who is close to retirement) would not be a bad choice.

  18. Thank you for this helpful review. This will be my first time voting, and I’ve been researching the candidates. I had trouble finding several of them who you apparently found. I changed some of my votes on areas where I didn’t care, and I stuck with some I had a good reason to stuck with. For example, a local officer endorsed Dan Barry.

  19. Steve Jones is a worthless human that has abused his power as a judge for 18-years. Do the research. Veterans in politics? How many veterans know the real Steve Jones and approve of his tactics?


    I am with Gordon Martines, because he opposes the Clark County only mandatory handgun registration requirement that SHERIFF DOUG GILLESPIE adamantly supports…

  21. I would like to thank the writers for their kind words about my campaign for Family Court Judge Dept S. I want to note that my wife Debra and I have been married 37 years and have raise four children in Las Vegas. We have been blessed with three granddaughters and lucky enough that the grandchildren live here in Vegas.

    I have been endorsed by Citizens for Responsible Government, Veterans in Politics. Seniors United, North Las Vegas Police Officers and Henderson Police Officers.

    My fellow lawyers elected me last year to the Board of Governors for the State Bar of Nevada. After 30 years of law practice my peers know me well and they trust my judgment.

    I ask for your vote in Family Court Dept S. Vincent OCHOA
    Thank you.

  22. Huston,

    Thanks for the endorsement. I appreciate your due diligence. As to the late filing, I planned on running shortly after taking a job in the assessor’s office in July of 2009 after seeing what goes on. Since I work in the office and if fortunate enough to win my primary, I will be going against the current assessor Marc Schofield and his hand chosen successor Michele Shafe. As you can imagine, my filing threw a wrench in their plan of succesion, thus it was decided to file on the last day after lunch and during BOE hearings to minimize the immediate blow back which would have occurred by filing earlier in the week. Unlike my opponent, I have the experience and education needed to take charge and lead the office through the challenges we will be faced with on day one. I think it is great that you have taken the time to provide your insight and guidance in the upcoming race. I would be happy to meet with you so please feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding myself and my campaign.

    Gerrit Hale
    Candidate for Clark County Assessor

  23. I agree with a lot of what is posted here but when it comes to Department T, I believe Mr. Huston is way off base. I believe Gayle Nathan is a better choice for Family Court Judge. She has been endorsed by Concerned Citizens for Responsible Government and the Fraternal Order of Police. Mr. Jensen is a clerk with Family Court who sometimes sits as an alternate Hearing Master. He has not practiced Family Law (if ever) in over 10 years. Gayle has been actively practicing in the area of Family Law for many years and is clearly the better choice for Family Court Judge, Department T.

  24. I am so thankful for all of your research, you helped me out SO VERY MUCH!!! I also found the comments interesting. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the effort you put into this. It helped solidify some of my decisions, and choose people in some cases when I had no idea who to vote for.
    Thank you!

  25. I agree with the other comments that say Tony Liker is a joke. Have you seen his embarrasing videos on YouTube? He is only running for judge in hopes of getting a Judge Judy-style TV show! He admitted to the R-J that he doesn’t even remember how many times he’s run for judge. Just another reality show wannabe with no apparent respect for the judgeship. I hope for the sake of your readers you retract your endorsement.

  26. Huston, thank you SO much for doing the legwork. I hate making uninformed decisions and in too many of these little races you can’t find much of anything on the candidates. We’ll be going separate ways on a couple of the races, but not many.

    Thanks again!

  27. Gayle Nathan has an “endorsed by the SEIU” on her website. All I need to vote for one of her opponents right there!

  28. Jerry Wiese is a good man and a good lawyer. Slightly left leaning (he does plaintiffs pi) but the best choice by a lot.

    You’re out of You’re mind on Liker. He is regarded as a joke in the legal community and has fun for judge more times than I can count. search his name in YouTube for the 30 minutes of scary roleplaying he posted. enough said.

  29. Vincent Ochoa, Candidate for Dept. S.

    1) Was a registered Democrat for years, but then suddenly switched to become a Republican to try to get the Appointment from Gov. Gibbons in 2009. Do we really want some wishy washy guy who will do anything to become a judge!!?? Can we trust him to not flip flop in court?

    2) Does he really want to be a family court judge or just a judge? He applied to be a justice of the peace in 2009. Is his heart really in Family Court?

    3) Didn’t pay his bills. Failed to pay utility bills and the IRS resulting in liens against his property. Do we really want someone who cannot manage his own money managing other people’s lives as a judge?

    4) Spends more time campaigning and trying to be a judge than he does litigating cases at the Family Courthouse. When was the last time he advocated for someone at trial??

  30. I asked my family lawyer about Mr. Ochoa and my lawyer said he is voting for Ochoa. My lawyer told me last year there were two openings for Family Court Judge and Mr. Ochoa applied filling out the 100 page application that covered mental health, financial matters, ethical issues and legal practice and personal history. About 35 attorneys applied but only five names were selected by the state judicial selection committee after review of the written materials and two interviews. This committee includes business people from around the state and lawyers and the chief judge of the Nevada Supreme court.
    The Judicial selection committee selected Mr. Ochoa twice –once for each seat. The only attorney selected for both open seats. I do not think his opponents applied and placed their life for review by this committee. This would not happen if Mr. Ochoa was not qualified to be a judge. My lawyer said he knows family law and is respectful to everyone.
    I checked and Ochoa has been endorsed by Citizens for Responsible Government, Veterans in Politics, Henderson Police Officers, North Las Vegas Police Officers, Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers and Seniors United.
    My lawyers told me that the lawyers of Clark County elected Mr. Ochoa last year as one of their representative to Board of Governors for the State Bar of Nevada. These are the people that work with him in the legal community and he has been practicing for 30 years.
    Trials are a last option, like surgery and good lawyers keep you of trials but if you have the money you can get a trial.

  31. You’ve been a tremendous help! After hours of research, you’ve been able to fill in some blanks on some undecided races. Thanks so much!!!

  32. I read your blogs and noticed that you left out State Treasurer. Steve Martin, the Republican running against Kate Marshall deserves to win. You might want to include him in your endorsements.

  33. I’ve found this web site and am concerned that this man, Steven Jones NOT be reelected to Family Court, Dept. C. I’ve read the articles that are posted and most have the origin quoted. I have seen the pictures and the comments posted by individuals that have been harmed by Jones. These heart breaking comments have been made by SEVERAL different people who’s lives Judge Jones simply dismissed as unimportant. I do think he plays to his “favorite” lawyer. It’s clear that Judge Jones has taken his personal life to new lows. Shouldn’t ethics and morality be the cornerstones of a Judge’s conduct?

    It seems the author of the web site has written about the terrible conduct of other candidates, specifically Gayle Nathan and her financial problems and Bernie Zadrowski and his questionalbe associations. WIth that being said, the reactions and comments on the Judge Jones pages seems to be authentic and add a whole new dimension to Judge Jones misconduct, mismanagement as well as eithical issues. For instance, having a GYM built in the RJC to work out? Are you kidding me?

    Please visit and read all of the links, comments and look at the pictures. Maria Maskall has my vote even if only 1/10 of what I’ve read is accurate. Jones is a powder keg waiting for a match. The citizens of Clark County need someone who has compassion and fairness in that seat. Jones is a scary example of the “good ole boy” network that needs to be ousted. ELECT MARIA MASKALL. Clark County needs, nay DESERVES a change.

  34. Huston: thank you for a thorough review of candidates. Although the primaries are over – I agree with many of your selections. I voted for Mike Montandon and hope he will run in a future election. While researching now for the General election, I Googled and tried to visit every candidates’ sites. In the Governor’s race, I was pretty impressed with the IND candidate, Eugene “Gino” DiSimone. Then I went to Floyd Fitzgibbon’s site and here’s what was posted there: “PLEASE NOTE – SEEING THAT MY FELLOW CANDIDATE GINO DISIMONE HAS SIMILAR VIEWS OF THE PROPER ROLE OF GOVERNMENT, RATHER THAN SPLIT VOTES, I HAVE DECIDED TO ENDORSE MR. DISIMONE” I can’t tell you how very impressed to have finally have seen a candidate who is a true statesman (kudos to Mr. Fitzgibbons). If others (especially in the Republican party) would see the value of putting their weight behind another like-minded candidate, they could ride the wave of conservatism.
    Back to thanking you….I wish I had found your blog during Primary season, but it didn’t hurt for me to do some serious searching. I’ve voted absentee for the past 12 years because I work overseas. Looking forward to a conservative – back to the Constitution — victory country wide!

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