Silver Anniversary of An Ancient American Setting For the Book of Mormon

This year marks the 25th anniversary of John L. Sorenson’s An Ancient American Setting For the Book of Mormon.  That’s a serious milestone for a major work of scholarship.  I read this in college and, yes, I found it often dry, but Sorenson engages the reader at an objective level and never patronizes.  Most importantly, his theories are not only reasonable, but hold up solidly a quarter century later. 

Why isn’t there a new edition of this coming out, or at least a re-release capitalizing on the anniversary?  Does the publisher assume that everybody who’s going to read this already has?  Or has the market for scriptural research written for a general audience just dried up?  I think this work is still very excellent, and deserves to be recognized and appreciated.  Again.  Still.

One comment on “Silver Anniversary of An Ancient American Setting For the Book of Mormon

  1. I absolutely agree. I must have read the book 20 years ago myself, and am just now reading it again (June 2012). I remain impressed not only with Sorenson’s ideas, but also with his impeccable scientific integrity. He is always careful to point out that his explanations are merely plausible, yet at the same time he draws compelling correlations between the scriptural text and known facts of geography and archaeology.

    My favorite passage in the whole book is on page 212, where Sorenson observes that the tragedy of the Nephites is that they were on the whole content merely to be Mesoamericans, following the social and cultural norms of the people around them rather than choosing to live on a higher plane as the people of God. That statement perfectly describes the challenge God’s people face today.

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