Two Notes for Parents of Students

1.  If you want to take off a week with your family during the school year, don’t expect that announcing it ahead of time will make it so that your child won’t get behind.  If it were possible to give you all of the work they’ll be expected to do during that week right now, then what would be the point of anybody ever actually showing up?  We could just have a correspondence school, or do it all online.  There will be plenty of discussions, examples, demonstrations, and class activities that really can’t be made up by one student working alone at home with a sheet of paper.  So, despite your best intentions, understand that taking off an entire week in the first quarter of the year absolutely will put your student behind, and it will be difficult to catch up even as much as possible.  Weird, I know. 

2.  You are rarely doing your children a favor by trying to shield them from the natural consequences of their choices.

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