Temples, Abortion, and Becoming Saviors

I just watched a video that was posted on Facebook about abortion survivor Gianna Jensen.  As I watched her story, this occured to me:

What she’s doing for the unborn is like what we do with temple work.  As a Wikipedia entry explains: “When Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of the world, He did for people everywhere what they could not do for themselves….Because of Christ’s Atonement and Resurrection, and through the power and authority of the Priesthood, Mormons can do for the dead, what the dead cannot do for themselves.”

Or, as President Gordon B. Hinckley put it: “I think that vicarious work for the dead more nearly approaches the vicarious sacrifice of the Savior Himself than any other work of which I know. It is given with love, without hope of compensation, or repayment or anything of the kind. What a glorious principle.”

So, if temple work is the closest we come to following Christ because we’re doing for others what they cannot possibly do for themselves, then the work of advocating for the unborn is just as holy.  Truly, they are in need of saving and are completely helpless to do anything about it themselves.  Just as the dead need us to perform ordinances, and the entire human family needs Jesus Christ to save us from death and sin, millions of unborn babies need us to try to save them. 

One comment on “Temples, Abortion, and Becoming Saviors

  1. Reminds me of the first chapter of “Our Gang” when talking about “the unborn” like this…

    But how is this lady an “abortion survivor”? Was she an aborted fetus who made it, or was she a mother who’s gone through all the guilt that having an elective termination of pregnancy can bring?

    Anyhow, I think the most important thing would be to let young men and women know that the reproductive power/instinct is a very volatile thing and can get out of hand quickly. I just read Madame Bovary, and I realized that Flaubert did a better job of scaring women off from “soap opera” lifestyle than any moralizing tale would have done. That he just seems to be reporting what’s happening, how Emma loses the last drops of discipline, self-control and, in the end, sanity. Not all promiscuous people end up like that, but many more do than is obvious from Entertainment Tonight!

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