Unconstitutional and Racist

The Clark County School District has a little discussed program called Minority-to-Majority which, according to one of the few references to it in school district documents, is “a transfer request for a student to attend a school where the student will bring both the sending and receiving schools’ minority average closer to the district-wide minority average (m-to-m transfer).”

Even the name of this program, let alone the primary definition of it, is profoundly racist. 

This would seem to be a stark violation of the landmark 2007 Supreme Court decision where any kind of racially based busing, even for the purpose of integration, was struck down as unconstitutional.  In the memorable words of Chief Justice John Roberts, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” 

The program was started in 1999, long before the Supreme Curt decision, but how is it still in practice?  Has nobody challenged it?  Is it secretive enough that not enough people are aware of it? 

Defenders might assert that Minority-to-Majority has good intentions–that integration fosters diversity and gives transfer students more opportunities, etc., etc.  However, my practical experience shows that this does not work. 

I live in the zone for one of the “minority” schools in this program, and I work at the “majority” school where many of those students go.  In fact, most of the teenagers in my neighborhood seem to go to the school where I work.  These transfer students, by and large, hardly seem to benefit from the environmental change, producing disproportionate failure rates and disciplinary infractions, as far as I can objectively tell. 

Whether or not the program is successful, though, the fact remains that it is undeniably illegal and racist.  Such bald facts should give even the most sympathetic social engineer pause.

2 comments on “Unconstitutional and Racist

  1. Wow. That is…unsettling. I would hope they would stop this ASAP, because the last thing the CCSD needs is a lawsuit. (Not to mention the moral issue of it, but talking about lawsuits and money gets heard.)

    I love that you are so blunt and honest on this site, but do you ever worry about getting in trouble with the district? Politics being what they are?

  2. Well, actually, this time the real segregation that is happening in society is not based on skin color so much as socioeconomic status; the rich have their communities where the don’t want the poor, who are concentrated in certain dilapidated areas.

    When you collect a student base from the poor areas, you predictably get more less motivated students. Either their parents are poor because they’re uneducated and perhaps sometimes even lazy and apathetic, or they are the White Collar Poor (e.g. teachers), like us, with graduate or postgraduate (a friend of mine is a physics Ph.D. and he temps teaching math/physics/chemistry in junior high at the moment, after being unemployed with his doctorate for some time after the research program he was in lost its funding) education and much motivation for education itself. But the kids see their well-educated parents piss-poor and they think “this is why I have to forgo all the fun?” (This is not how our kids took it, I suppose because they’re all pursuing secondary or tertiary level education at the moment, but I’ve seen that, too.)

    They should just have omitted any reference to anything but socioeconomic status.

    Anyway, I think it’s better to have the less motivated students scattered around rather than letting some schools go to the dogs, and dragging down the few, who would want an education.

    The fact remains, that the major opposition to busing is coming, as it always has, from parents, who themselves are racist or just otherwise prejudiced and don’t want those kids in the same school with theirs. Who knows, poverty might be contagious?

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