Students Make Fun of Me, Part II

As I was reading the vocabulary example sentences mentioned in the last post, I saw many that *extolled* the virtues of one of my colleagues.  At least two dozen students wrote sentences like, “Mrs. X took the time to *scrutinize* my paper for errors,” or “Mrs. X cares enough to *meticulously* review the work of all of her students.”  I emailed some examples to her and she was pleased.  Hey, what teacher wouldn’t want to know they’d earned such a sterling reputation?

So, were there any examples in all of these classes about yours truly?  Yes, a few.  Only one jumped out at me as being even remotely positive: “Mr. Huston *deploys* sarcastic yet witty remarks to keep his students’ attention.”  That’s nice.  Sort of.  Certainly nicer than “Mr. Huston is of a *mediocre* height.”  And far nicer than “Mr. Huston’s class is like the *Holocaust* on crack.”  Geez, because being compared to the Holocaust isn’t bad enough by itself?  You had to throw crack into the mix?

2 comments on “Students Make Fun of Me, Part II

  1. “Mr. Huston’s class is like the *Holocaust* on crack.”


    Have they called you a socialist, facist or communist (or all three) yet?

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