Oscar Goodman Learns a Lesson

Yesterday morning, at the wonderful Vegas Valley Children’s Book Festival, Mayor Oscar Goodman read a little book to the several dozen children in attendance.  I didn’t catch the beginning or title, but clearly the book had to do with making cupcakes. 

At one point, the book gave a fun, easy, child-friendly recipe for making the treats.  As he read that page, Goodman then looked over at the assembled parents and said, “Of course, they don’t mention my favorite ingredient, which I can’t tell you here, because we have youngsters in attendance.” 

Heh heh.  Yes, we all know what you meant–your “favorite ingredient” is no secret.  Kudos on the discretion, though; a sly wink at one of your more colorful controversies

Oscar seems to have learned a lesson in public relations over the last five years!


2 comments on “Oscar Goodman Learns a Lesson

  1. My brother in law made some brownies once with a “secret” ingredient. I thought it was coconut and wouldn’t eat any.

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