Mission Statements For The Scriptures

I’ve been wondering how one could best summarize the overall “mission” of major collections of scripture, in the vein of “preach the gospel” or “perfect the saints.”  Of course, this is just a novelty exercise on my part, and in no way does justice to the power of scripture or, for that matter, mission statements (which were mildly criticized at yesterday’s Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting, anyway). 

Still, here are the best of my ideas so far.  This is really just a silly thing that I haven’t put a whole ton of effort into, so feel free to offer better ideas.  Ultimately, I suppose any volume of scripture’s mission would best be summarized as “bring souls to Christ,” but I guess the point of this is to focus on sub-missions supporting that one!

Old Testament: Obey the law

New Testament: Serve the Lord

Book of Mormon: Learn the gospel

Doctrine and Covenants: Build the church

Pearl of Great Price: Follow the prophet

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